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San Francisco based Audio Engineer and songwriter, Stephanie Sanchez has involved herself in music for the past 10 years of her life. Her journey began when she explored songwriting; she was very much into Hip Hop and R&B at a young age. She grew up with dreams of becoming a Hip Hop artist but it wasn’t until she owned her first iMac that she was introduced to the production side of music. She began recording herself with the few resources she had, which at the time involved GarageBand and her computer’s built-in microphone. Though she started in the simplest way, it was enough for her to fall in love with the aspect of engineering. Approaching her Senior year of high school, she looked for colleges that would accommodate the learning of sound engineering. She came across Ex’pression College for Digital Arts where she spent three years of her life, enhancing and developing her skills that eventually moved on from the likes of Garageband and cheap microphones. Stephanie has since graduated with a Bachelors and now has certifications in Pro Tools HD and Logic Pro 9, and has built quite the resume which reflects her experience and passion for audio.